Can Regular eCommerce Stores Create The Same Excitement As Professional Sports?

People sure love sports.

Grown men & women dress up like maniacs, hate other people for wearing the wrong jersey and develop emotional relationships with players who have no idea that they exist.

While the games themselves are exciting, it’s the 24/7 marketing that keeps people engaged at a fanatical level.

The best thing leagues like the NBA and NFL do is find ways to keep people wrapped up in the sport outside of game time.

These leagues make a significant portion of their money from people watching games on TV or buying a ticket to see their team in person.

The 24/7 news cycle approach to creating content is how these leagues keep their audience engaged while creating more opportunities to earn money outside of game days.

Whether you like sports or not, you have to admit, American professional sports leagues are among the best drama you can find on TV. There’s friendship, fights, and someone is always 1 mistake from being fired. None of the drama is an accident and the media is very much on board with fanning the flames on rumours.

So how does this relate to your "boring" eCommerce products? Your eCommerce store only makes money when people are making purchases. So, like the sports leagues, it’s in your best interest to keep your audience engaged in between purchases.

The problem the NBA, the NFL and other leagues are trying to address with their content is entertainment.

On non-game days it’s incredibly important for them to keep the news cycle flowing, which is an entertaining way to build anticipation for the next game.

You can take the same approach. The problem your eCommerce store is trying to address with its content is ____ (fill in the blank)

The problem you’re trying to address depends on your product and the needs of your target market.

Your store may sell health care supplies, but that doesn’t mean you should try and make content about sterilized gloves interesting. Changing how you look at your business will help you generate more interest and eventually money.

If most of your customers are business owners in the health care industry, you can keep them engaged with content about innovations in their industry, tips relevant to their business, and content that solves their problems.

If you sell lint rollers, your customers are likely people who take their appearance seriously. Content about maintaining a professional appearance and styling tips for your demographic will increase engagement with your audience in between sales.

Whether it’s a need for information, a desire to be entertained, or the urge to overcome a challenge, there’s always powerful content you can use to engage your ideal customers. This will help you cut your marketing costs and get people coming back to your store.

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