Features Or Benefits?

I was exploring some eCommerce sites when I noticed a reoccurring pattern: good content was rare.

The biggest mistake I noticed multiple companies making in their blogs, product descriptions & ads was a common sales error - selling features when they should focus on benefits.

No matter how great we think our product is, most people don't care about the features.

At a certain point, it doesn't matter how fast a car can go or if it has heated seats or not. What can the car do for your customers? Lamborghini knows this well, which is why the first thing you see on their website is "Everyday Amplified" & "Real Emotions Shape The Future."

Like all of us, your audience wants to know “what’s in it for me?”

I saw an ad on Instagram about Ford’s new driver-assist technology. The copy on the ad & the landing page was mostly Ford patting themselves on the back for being so innovative.

While the video was able to gain 54 likes, it also paid the price with 37 dislikes for exposing people to a feature they don’t care about. Or at least, the feature wasn't presented in a way that would get them to care.

On the flip side, we can learn from a similar Instagram ad from Van Houtte Coffee. They included a picture of their coffee with the caption: “Do you know how to store coffee to preserve its unique flavor nuances? Take advantage of our Master Roaster's knowledge. Link in bio.”

That's a great ad if you're trying to engage people interested in coffee. The ad creates curiosity while also stating a benefit people will get when they go to the link in the bio. It’s not a feature of buying Van Houtte Coffee - it's information people can use in their daily life. The information is a benefit of associating with the Van Houtte brand - "what's in it for me?"

The result of Van Houtte focusing on solving their audience’s problems resulted in 4 positive comments and over 600 likes.

In summary, don’t bother your audience with details they don’t care about. If you’re struggling to find benefits that your audience would care about, break your product down into a facts and benefits list. Differentiating between the facts and benefits of using your products will help you find out what makes your product special.

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