How To Build Relationships With Customers Using Content

Here are some thoughts on how to identify topics your customers care about and how to get more eyes on your content when first starting out.

Study Problems

People will do anything to relieve their discomfort. It’s human to engage in behaviours out of ego to fool ourselves into thinking we’re in control. It’s why tons of people like to smoke even while acknowledging that it’s bad for them. Tapping into the discomforts your customers deal with will help you create compelling content.

When it comes to finding discomfort my products can relieve, I like to dive into Amazon reviews. I look at products similar to mine and sort the reviews by 1 star first. I then make a list of problems and start to see which ones are reoccurring the most. When you start seeing the same problems over and over, you can be sure these are issues your audience needs help to solve.

You can even learn about problems from 5-star reviews. People will usually take time and explain the issue the product helped them overcome. These are issues that you have the opportunity to produce content about.

Observe Conversations

Another way to learn about the issues that bother your customers is by studying their conversations online. Forums and social media websites are excellent places to observe your customers talking about your product or service in real-time.

By reading social media commentary, blog comments, and forum conversations, you’ll start to understand which issues are most important to your customers. You’ll also start to see which aspect of your service or product people value the most. Doing this type of research will help you focus on topics your audience cares about instead of making assumptions about their interests. These assumptions can cause you to waste time and money appealing to the wrong things.

Leading with problems also allows you to reframe how you reach out to potential customers. Instead of giving generic reasons why people should check out your brand, you can use problems to start conversations. By studying online conversations and reading into reviews, you can discover problems (opportunities) that your ideal customers take seriously. Creating content around these topics will help build engagement on your website.

Change Your View Of The Competition

We're all guilty of yelling into the void in an attempt to promote our business. It's common for new business owners to give up or think their work sucks after months and months of little to no engagement. The reality is, it doesn't matter how good or bad your content is unless people are reading. Posting articles on an empty blog or tweeting with your account that has 25 followers will turn you into the tree that falls in the forest that no one hears. 

Consider your personal browsing habits: when you want something, it's highly unlikely you only look at 1 site and 1 site only. Although most people refer to the other sites in your niche as competition, the reality is that you all share the same traffic - and there's plenty of traffic to go around. You can create engagement by using your "competitors" established websites to your advantage.

Guest posting is a great technique that has more than just SEO benefits. Guest posts are a worthy investment to quickly get your brand in front of people who fit your customer profile. These people are highly likely to read your content because of the respect they have for the brand they are following.

Another way to create connection is by participating in the conversations your customers have online. Those same conversations you research to find problems are also opportunities for you to create engagement with these people.

When doing this, simply focus on how you can help people or move the conversation forward. Reply with useful recommendations, information or perspectives that can aid the people in the conversation. If you’re going to inject yourself into an online discussion, avoid bombarding people with links to your content.

Influencer marketing is another great way to get in front of a committed audience. Similar to guest posts, you can pay to have Instagram pages, Facebook groups, Linkedin groups etc. post your content. If your content is able to address real problems, you'll be able to create engagement with just a bit of persistence.

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