Use These Sample Business Introduction Letters To Prospective Clients In 2020

Research from HubSpot found the cost of getting clients has increased by 50%. 

Not only that, 69% of these people no longer trust advertisements.

Since marketing is getting harder, you need more tools on your side to help you attract customers.

A business introduction letter is an example of a simple but effective tool you can use to start conversations with potential clients or investors.

Without this resource on your side, you can find yourself wasting time staring at a blank email.

Below you’ll find some information on factors that will help you write a quality letter of your own.

Next, you'll find some examples letters you can customize to your business and your clients.

At the end of this page, you’ll find these sample company introduction letters available in PDF.

What Is A Business Introduction Letter To Prospective Clients? 

This type of business letter introduces your company, what you stand for, and how you bring value to your customers.

In a business introduction letter to prospective clients, it’s important to answer the question, “what’s in it for me?”. Your introduction letter doesn't need to contain all the information about your company. The goal of your letter is to get people interested enough to go to your website, which gets them into your sales funnel. In your funnel, you’ll use more detailed content to nurture sales.

One of the most common mistakes with business introduction letters is listing all your credentials as your company. It’s understandable that you want people to see that you’re a respected company; however, listing your accomplishments, your services, or awards your company has earned is boring and doesn’t tell the reader why they should contact you. Instead, talk about issues your ideal customers deal with to create enough intrigue for people to read the rest of your letter.

What Makes A Good Introduction Letter? 

A good introduction letter is focused. The introduction letter isn’t the place to get detailed about the services that you offer. Instead, focus on the positive outcomes people experience when they work with your company.

If you want your letter to actually get read, you need to keep it short. Short letters are much easier for people to consider, especially if you’re contacting people by email. Keep your letter about 6 to 10 sentences long. Attention is valuable so get rid of unnecessary information in your letter. 

Funnily enough, the introduction is the most important part of your business introduction letter. You can use stats, questions, or quotes to grab attention within the first 1 to 2 sentences. Don’t take it for granted that people read your entire letter. Remember, the goal of every line you write is for people to read the next line. 

Grammar is another factor that goes into making a good introduction letter. Your business introduction letter is your first contact point; it’s important to make a good impression. Take the time and make sure your letter is properly edited. You can use Grammarly as part of the editing process.

A good introduction letter will always include a call to action. If someone takes the time to read your letter, make it worthwhile by redirecting them deeper into your sales funnel. 

Your call to action should lead to a more detailed page on your website. Introduction letters are for potential customers in the awareness portion of your sales funnel. Use your letter to send people to a video or a page with more information and get them deeper into your sales funnel. These tips from Bill Gates will help you create a compelling information video or page.

introduction letter process

How Do You Get People To Read Your Introduction Letter?

The goal of your business introduction letter is to get people on your website or a call with you so you can get them deeper into your sales funnel.

The goal of every line in your business letter is for the reader to read the next line.

If you’re sending your letter out by email, the subject line is essentially the first line in your letter. Spend some time thinking of subject lines you can use to encourage the recipient to open the email and read the first line.

Some Subject Lines That Work For Me:

  • [Question About Relevant topic in your industry]
  • Hey [name], quick question about [company]
  • [Relevant Quote From Respected Source In Your Industry] 
  • Quick question about [issue you're contacting about that you can fix]
  • Hey [name], congrats on [news-item]
  • Quick question about [company name]  

If you were referred, adding the name of the person who referred you to the subject line is also helpful for getting people to read your letter.

Another technique to get people reading your letter is to include a postscript (P.S) section. A lot of people immediately scan their eyes to the end of a letter to see what it’s all about. In the P.S. section, summarize your letter in 1 to 2 sentences. Always include your call to action link so you can make the most of people scanning your letter.

Your email signature is another technique you can use to improve the effectiveness of your introduction letter. As said above, many people scroll to the end of your letter to see what it’s all about. You can use this to your advantage again by customizing your email signature with important information. Include your name, phone number, company logo, and ideally, some examples of your work or case studies.

Below you can find the HTML code I use for my email signature. Just replace the stock information with your own. In the image section, replace it with a link to an image you want to use. You can upload your company logo to a website like Imgur and replace the template link with the Imgur link. This way, your logo will show up in all the emails you send. Gmail and Thunderbird are examples of email programs that allow custom HTML signatures. 

[Full Name] - [Position] 
☎️ [Phone Number]
🌐 <a href=“"></a> 
<left><img src=""> </left> 
<a href=" INSERT FACEBOOK LINK ">Your Company On Facebook</a>
📖 <a href=" post"> INSERT POST TITLE </a>
<left><img src=""> </left> <br> 

Recommended size for banner - height=“100px" width="450px"

What Can You Use A Business Introduction Letter For?

Establishing New Business Relationships

Your business introduction letter can help you create connections with people otherwise unknown to you. Cold outreach is a difficult task, especially if people aren’t familiar with your company. You can send your introduction letter via email to start building connections. Look for new suppliers and potential customers to send your introduction letter. When enticing people to use your service, focus on the benefits of your service instead of the features.

Product Launches

Raising awareness is crucial during a product launch. Again, introducing people to your company in a professional manner will help you increase sales. Use your introduction letter as part of your sales material while preparing your product launch. Instead of relying on a simple about us page, a business introduction letter will give your ideal customers a better idea of who you are as a company. Because your introduction letter includes a call to action, it will help support your product launch efforts. 

Seeking Funding

Whenever you apply for funding, you usually have to introduce your company and provide a business plan. Your introduction letter is a tool you can use to open communications between your company and possible investors. Whether you’re applying at a bank or seeking venture capital, you can use your letter to start off your application and introduce what you do. 

Below you’ll find some templates you can use to construct your business introduction letter to prospective clients. Keep in mind, the letters below are super general. Take the concepts and structure of the letter and include detailed information about your company. Research your customers and only talk about things in your letter that they care about. Taking the time to research your customers will help you write an introduction letter that’s relatable to them. Study their problems before sending your letter.

Remember to customize your business letter to your goal. If you're applying for funding, you'll need to add more information about your company than normal. Your awards and credentials are boring to potential customers, but potential investors are interested in these things. Keep your goal in mind when writing your introduction letter.

what makes a good introduction letter

How To Introduce Your Business Examples:

Example #1

Hello [Name]
My name is [Your name] from [Your company]. We’re a [what you do] that specializes in [Include your USP or specialties]
Over the past few years, we’ve worked with companies such as [example] 1 & [example 2]
We’ve helped our clients achieve [include 2 or 3 benefits you bring to your clients as a business]
I made a video here that explains how we bring value more. (link to a page with more info on your website, if no video say page or article, etc.)
I would love to connect if this sounds interesting to you, feel free to reply to this email or send me a text on my cell phone. 
Thank you,
[Your name]
[Your email signature]

Example #2

Hello [Name]
I just came across [prospect’s website name] and wanted to ask you a quick question.
Do you have any plans to [create a question about something on the website or an aspect that they are missing]
We’ve been helping companies similar to yours [benefit 1] & [benefit 2] without you having to [include a common objection to your business]
I made a video with more information you can check out here. (link to a page with more info on your website, if no video say page or article etc.)
If you think it makes sense to talk, feel free to reply to this email or shoot me a text on my cell below.
Thank you,
[Your name]
[Your email signature]

Example #3

Hello [Name], 
I’m reaching out to you from [Your company]. We’re a [what you do] that specializes in [Include your USP or specialties]
We’ve helped teams similar to yours [insert the main benefit of your service] by [mention problem you solve or your business process]
I made a video (or information page if no video) you can check out here that details exactly how we help teams like yours solve [common problem your customers deal with]
Feel free to reply to this email or send me a text at the number below.
Thank you,
[Your name]
[Your email signature]

Example #4 

Dear [Name],
Have you considered [question about starting the services you provide]?
Businesses that take the time to [insert service] experience [insert statistic about benefits of using your service, include source]
I’m reaching out from [your company]; we’ve been helping businesses like your since [insert date]
Feel free to check out our video [or information page] here for a detailed look at how we help your company.
If you think it makes sense to talk, feel free to reply to this email or give me a call at the number below.
Thank you,
[Your name]
[Your email signature]

Example #5

Hello [Name],
Did you know [insert a statistic about your service or industry, include the source]
What this means for businesses like yours is that you have more to gain by taking action today on [insert relevant service]
Since [insert company start year] we’ve been helping teams [include 2-3 things you help with]
We made a video [or information page] you can watch here with more details about how we help you [insert something you help with]
Let me know your thoughts; if you think it makes sense to talk, give me a call at the number below.
Thank you,
[Your name]
[Your email signature]

Example #6 - Company Introduction Email To Client Sample

Hello [Name],
I’m reaching out because I noticed you're a new local business in [insert city]
We’ve helped other local businesses like [insert a few of your clients].
After working with us, our clients experienced [insert 1 or 2 benefits they can expect]
Our company is [insert 1 or 2 credentials], which helps us provide a high level of service.
We made a video [or information page] here explaining how we can help your company [insert goal] 
Thank you,
[Your name]
[Your email signature]

Example #7 

[Full Name]
[Business Name]
[Street Address]
[Postal Code]
Dear [First Name],
I'm reaching out because you have a lot in common with other companies that we've helped [insert the main benefit]
At [company name], we've brought [insert value 1] & [insert value 2] to our clients since [insert business start year]
According to [enter source your reader would recognize] [enter statistic about why they should invest in your services]
We made a video [or information page] here explaining more about how we help businesses just like yours.
Feel free to reply to this email or give me a call at the number below.
Thank you,
[Your name]
[Your email signature]


Sample Business Introduction Letter To Prospective Clients PDF Download Here

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