Top 5 Items To Flip For Profit In 2020

This article is an excellent example of how you can use your “useless” knowledge to make money.

Flipping items is as simple as buying something and selling it again for a higher price. But how do you know what to buy?

This is where your knowledge comes in. If you’ve spent years watching sports, playing video games, or watching TV, you can apply your knowledge to find a side hustle within your interests.

The following article looks at 5 items anyone can flip in 2020 - based on the information in this article, use your imagination to find items you can flip within your personal interests. 


Reselling sneakers is still an effective side hustle. You’ll need to do your research and participate in the sneakerhead community to get a good idea of which shoes are worth going after.

One of the biggest challenges you’ll face with reselling sneakers is being the first person to buy a new release. Companies like Nike, Supreme, and Jordan get their websites bombarded by eager sneakerheads trying to be first. Dedicated sneakerheads and resellers use a bot at the time of release to make their purchase. These bots can complete purchases much faster than a human can. If you want to compete for new releases, you'll need to figure out how to be first in a digital line.

You can also approach reselling sneakers by selling classics. Classic sneakers have less immediate demand but are difficult to find. If you can get your hands on some authentic retro sneakers, you can resell for a good profit. Make sure you have authentication documents or original boxes to prove the validity of any sneakers you buy. You can use the box, serial numbers on the inside tag of the shoe, and other methods to validate your shoes.

Vintage Clothes

Retro clothes are still hot. There’s a consistent demand for vintage clothes from brands like Ralph Lauren, Fila, Champion, DKNY, and Columbia. Again, do your research, participate in related and find which brands are highest in demand. You'll have to do your research just like with reselling shoes, to find ways to prove your clothes are authentic.

Sports Cards

Reselling sports cards is a solid side hustle for people with a lot of sports knowledge. If you’ve invested a lot of time watching sports and keeping up with your favourite leagues, you might as well make this knowledge work for you. Just like with reselling anything, the buy low sell high mindset applies. You can buy rookie cards and see your return on investment as they grow into better players over the years.

Investing in rookie cards is a gamble since the player could always get injured or not fulfill their potential. If you keep up with the sport, you could also find players in their 2nd to 4th year that are worth the investment.

Collectible Releases

When companies do special promo releases, the materials often have value years down the road.

A few years ago, Doritos and Mountain Dew released drinks with special codes for Call Of Duty. Because you had to buy the drink to get the code, the Call Of Duty Doritos and Mountain Dew were in high demand. People were selling sealed packages on sites like eBay to gamers.

A recent release that reminds me of this is the Travis Scott burger. I don't think this particular release will age well, but these are the type of events to look out for. Keeping the packaging can pay dividends down the line. 


If you enjoy working with your hands and fixing things, reselling watches can be a great side hustle. You can buy watches without batteries or in poor condition, fix them up and resell. Of course, you’ll have to research which brands have the best resell value, and you’ll need to prove the authenticity of your watches.

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